Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CARE packages

People have been asking what to send the troops.

It's a tough question. I see letters and pictures from schoolkids posted in quite a few places. Cute stuff. But I didn't notice troops reading them much. That could be because they've been up so long or that after a while the novelty wears off.

I'd recommend against baked goods and such. By the time they get here, they can't be in very good shape. Plus, except for the most remote bases where guys are still chomping on MREs, the food seems plentiful and pretty good.

They do watch lots of DVDs. So any old ones -- think action and horror, hold off on the romantic comedies --might be appreciated. (Why doesn't Netflix or Blockbuster set up some free subscription over here? Great publicity. Establish brand loyalty with young, media-hungry audience. Send the P.R. consulting fee to: Scott Canon c/0 The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO, 64108.)

Batteries, although heavy to mail, would be welcome. Some guys hook up portable CD players and iPods to portable speakers to listen to in the Humvees and they get beat up pretty quick. Might send along that kind of stuff.

Most of all, some replacement troops would be nice. See what you can do.

As for Iraqis, well, you've already sent billions of dollars here. Any way to transform that into water, electricity and peace would, I'm certain, be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to help, go to, you can choose what branch of the service you want to send to, and then click on Where To Send. A list of names of service people in need will show up and you can choose who you want to send to. It's a great program. The post office can provide you with free priority mail boxes. You only pay the postage to the mail center in the US, not to Iraq. A big box of magazines, snacks, wipes, batteries, etc. can be sent for less than $9.00. Just don't mix food with hygene items, or the food will absorb the smell and taste of the soap. Please support our troops!

Anonymous said...

Please come out Saturday to Support our Troops at The Hugs Project Yard Sale. They will be fundraising to send more carepackages overseas! Please help show support through a donation or sponsorship of a carepackage to those deployed in harm's way!


Saturday June 16th ALL DAY
6700 Waukomis Dr. KC, MO 64151

contact me if you need more info!
Laila Meyer

--Blue Girl said...

I say we send the child of every politician of service age - and the politicians too, if they are of service age - if Jenna and not-Jenna were in BDU's in the desert toting an M-16, we might see some overtures to end this insane vanity war.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first commentator: is a great website. The flat rate boxes from the post office are great--leave one open on your kitchen counter, and everytime you go to the store add something to it until it's ready to mail. You won't even notice the cost. They always needs socks. And dvds and cds. For a treat--send a jar of Hooter's hot wing sauce and some cans of pop top open chicken. They just love some little reminder like this of home! You can find guys from Kansas City by searching anysoldier and they love any reminder of something local from home. Some Gates or Haywards BBQ sauce, for example. A plastic cup and bag of peanuts from your last visit to Royals stadium. Pictures of KC. I don't really support this war, but I support the troops. I encourage everyone to.

Christopher said...

I send my nephew lots of cigars (he requests them). Not the top shelf stuff, but certainly not Swishers, either. He also likes beef jerkey, power bars, and other non-perishables to snack on while on patrol. Remember, you don't get to clock out for lunch over there, so they pretty much munch when they get a chance.

The comment about turning billions of dollars into water and electricity is priceless. Let's all pray for the surge to work so these boys and girls can come home to the parades they deserve. Remember, they are doing it so that we can be free, regardless of the history and politics of the mess.


Anonymous said...

Attention --blue girl: Duncan Hunter's son, Justice Scalia's son, and McCain's son are all serving. In fact, there are even - get this - Democrats serving in the war, too.